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Leligan by CSupernova

It may be a biased opinion and critique but bare with me as I try to put my thoughts about your painting into words. First of all I ski...

Allura Beach by RelentlessArt

A very interesting piece you got going here. Subject and scenery are very promising: "A lone woman reading/posing under the moonlight, ...


Sometimes streaming while drawing and listening to music:
Leligan by CSupernova
It may be a biased opinion and critique but bare with me as I try to put my thoughts about your painting into words.

First of all I skipped through pages of your gallery to make sure and this picture seems like one of your best (if not the best) digital painting of that kind!

I'll try and explain why and what could have been done better.

Lets start with the good things. And this time there are many :)
What I like about it the most is are the colours and the overall mood n vibe it gives off.
Then there is this great facial expression with subtle details to the corners of the mouth that makes for a seemingly smug smile and in combination with her eyes looking into one direction for an overall interesting face.
Posture is also nice and kind of unusual/ interesting. Comined with the many red hues and those red lips n the amount of skin shown (esp. around the shoulder area) the picture gets some kind of a sensual flavor which I like.
Colour choice is really good. The colours works really well and so does the background. Really well thought out use of those graphical elements to balance the picture as a whole. with the oranges at the top and the stripes balancing at the bottom and the other stuff vice versa...
Another problem solved u often had is are the isolated colors: Here there are mostly none cuz the red and lilac hues are present in the shadows, on the bra and in the BG. Makes the painting work as a whole. Well done!
Another thing that I dig the shading and the overall execution. Overall Image is just solid. No major stylistic dilemmas like in some of your other works. Where the results were either strange or just creepy (Talkin bout those very realistically proportioned women with nearly squared manga eyes put on to them :D). Facial features are well balanced/ sized.
The details that are sprinkled all over the character make for an awesome addition. e.g the cross hatched fabric on the armband, hue n color variations on the feathers, freckles and subtle shading on the lips that gives some texture. All great additions.
Shadows on her neck and breast makes the face n shoulder pop more :thumbsup:
The rim light adds quite some interest, detail, depth and variance into the lighting.
Sorry for the so-so result on my part :( I think I could do better but it was the best i could push out in those circumstances and timeframe ^^; .

Things that could be better are:
-the shading: it is quite good dont get me wrong but on part of the skin of her back could have been done better.
- the linework: same as the shading. If you took more time to finish the picture u would have an even better result. Just small things. Some lineweights are off. Some parts seem jiggly and untidy. Some lines are unfinished > lower part of the arm!
-some more hues and strokes on the parting of the hair and strands look better.
-flow and shape of hairstrands is not perfect.
-cloth and bra strap that wraps around the back makes the lowerback seem flat due to the shading and the straightish lines imo.
-if those are gold stripes on the armband they need some hard (nearly white) specular highlights (at two points each) to make em look more metallic
-shape of cloth and folds (also shading on those) could be better. Missing harder edges and zigzag folds.
-iris color/ depth: whole picture is rather vibrant in contrast to that the iris color is kinda dull. And its the only isolated color. With more values and mixed in colours you could make the eyes pop more and make em have more depth at the same time.

Really like how this piece and your "Leligan" came out. And it is a enjoy to see your improvement. :la:
Keep doing art.


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